Azure architecture and designs

A solid foundation to build on

Whether you are focusing on structuring your entire Azure tenant or developing a specific solution, the design serves as the foundation that determines the operational efficiency of your environment.

Architect assistance

Every solution must be built on a well-defined design. My area of expertise lies in infrastructure and the Azure platform and the governance of Azure. I have comprehensive knowledge of how these tools can assist in achieving goals and of their limitations.

All of my designs are rooted in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. However, each design is tailored to implement best practices that align with the specific requirements of the current project while also considering future aspirations to the greatest extent possible.

Each design has to be specific, yet flexible enough to accommodate growth and changes. Unlike a traditional data center, Azure is constantly evolving and undergoing changes. This places high demands on both the design itself and the IT staff responsible for supporting the solutions.

Common tasks include:

    • Providing baseline designs and embarking on the Azure journey through workshops and design documents. This is for customers who are already utilizing Azure or planning to do so. There are seven tracks in Azure CAF, and I support all of them. However, most customers are primarily interested in 2-3 workshops that focus on their organization’s specific needs and how to incorporate them into Azure in a supported manner.

    • Getting unsupported environments to a supported state. Oftentimes, the Azure journey does not happen at the same time as a design is created. Usually, some departments have ressources in Azure that were created without a plan. Consequently, it is often the case that these ressources do not comply with the design decisions taken by the organisation. I can help with an analysis of what is needed to make this happen as well as with the tasks required to bring them back into compliance.

I can assist you!

Contact me for a non-binding talk. It is always beneficial to discuss your needs, and there is no obligation. I am here to provide support and guidance – both now and in the future.


Trusted and certified expert

As a certified Microsoft Partner, I pride myself on my expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions and services. With a continuous focus on Microsoft products, services, and certifications, I ensure updated knowledge and skills in Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft CSP reseller, I can offer seamless access to Microsoft's cloud services, licenses, and support while providing our customers with a comprehensive range of innovative and tailored solutions to meet their unique business needs.