Azure and cloud advising

Assisting you in achieving your goals

Often, when initiating a project or encountering unexpected challenges, seeking feedback and suggestions from a trusted advisor can be invaluable. Such an advisor can offer an impartial perspective on the project and provide insights and guidance on how to proceed.

Trusted advisor

As a trusted advisor in Azure consulting, I frequently support customers in their engagement with third-party vendors for the delivery and design of specific projects. This includes a wide range of scenarios from minor deliveries to resolving disputes related to vendor deliveries.

By engaging me as your trusted advisor, you gain the advantage of an external party that can thoroughly review and validate the design and implementation of your solution, ensuring its alignment with Microsoft recommendations and best practices.

I often come across situations where vendors deliver projects that require unnecessary privileges which can pose security risks for the organization. Additionally, there are many cases where the scope or the product is incorrectly sized for the intended purpose of the project.

Common tasks include:

  • Providing feedback on specific designs before implementation. If you are implementing a new solution and would like feedback on and suggestions for the design prior to implementation, I can assist you. Perhaps you might not have the necessary qualifications to verify whether the vendor’s suggestion is the best solution for you. Alternatively, you may simply want an additional external review of the design.
  • Providing assistance on a specific project after it went wrong. It happens. Sometimes, despite aligning expectations with the vendor, projects can encounter difficulties. I can help facilitate communication with the vendor and work together to find a way forward in order to reach the intended goals. It is important to note that offer support and resolution without shifting blame. My aim is to assist in finding a mutually beneficial path forward.

I can help you out!

Contact me for a non-binding talk. It doesn’t hurt to talk, and perhaps I can help you both now and in the future.

Trusted and certified expert

As a certified Microsoft Partner, I pride myself on my expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions and services. With a continuous focus on Microsoft products, services, and certifications, I ensure updated knowledge and skills in Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft CSP reseller, I can offer seamless access to Microsoft's cloud services, licenses, and support while providing our customers with a comprehensive range of innovative and tailored solutions to meet their unique business needs.