Azure and cloud advising

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Working as the customer’s advisor on projects where the customer wants an independent advisor and architect on a project – often in conjunction with a vendor design or installation.

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  • Advising. Working as the customer’s advisor on project where the customer wants an independent advisor and architect on a project – often in conjunction with a vendor design or installation.
  • Architect – Azure tenant. Are you new to Azure and would like to avoid the mistakes others have committed? Or have you already been building services in Azure, but it evolved faster and became bigger than you expected? I can help in both scenarios with either getting control of your tenant or help you avoid it getting out of control in the first place.
  • Governance. Are you bound to keeping your data in Europe? Do you see the logic in keeping all resources for an application in close proximity to the resources it depends on in order to avoid risk, latency and cost? Azure is providing a lot of tools and services to help you keep your tenant under control. I can you help you obtain this overview, make the decisions, and implement automations to keep them enforced.
  • Architect – specific solutions. What tools should you use in Azure for your use case, and is Azure even the optimal solution for your workloads and services? I help customers design their solution with the optimal tools and services.
  • Implementation. Powershell, Terraform, Terragrunt, Devops and Infrastructure as Code. Does it all sound familiar, would you like to get started, or are you already in the process and need assistance in building something?
  • Cost management. Azure offers a lot of freedom for both IT administrators and developers, but at a cost. I can help you optimise your cloud spending.
  • Troubleshooting. When a problem has arisen, and additional help or knowledge of the troubleshooting options in Azure is required.

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Are you looking for an experienced IT architect with experience in both architecting and completing projects?

With my 13 years of IT infrastructure experience, I strive to deliver. I have solid knowledge from both classic on-prem infrastructure and Azure and as such know how to advise about the optimal solution for different projects.

Trusted and certified expert

As a certified Microsoft Partner, I pride myself on my expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions and services. With a continuous focus on Microsoft products, services, and certifications, I ensure updated knowledge and skills in Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft CSP reseller, I can offer seamless access to Microsoft's cloud services, licenses, and support while providing our customers with a comprehensive range of innovative and tailored solutions to meet their unique business needs.