Cloud Adoption Framework

Empowering implementations using Infrastructure as code

Streamline Azure deployments with Infrastructure as Code (IAC) using tools like Terraform and GitHub, enabling consistent, automated, and scalable infrastructure provisioning.

Streamline Azure Deployments

Although Azure offers a comprehensive portal and PowerShell access, there are significant advantages to implementing infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code (IAC). Many organizations are interested in adopting IAC, but may have concerns about where to start.

Choosing between GitHub or Azure DevOps for code storage and deciding between Terraform and Bicep can be challenging. However, even smaller IT teams can benefit from implementing IAC on a limited scale for landing zones, budgets, RBAC, network configuration, and standardized resources, ensuring a consistent baseline across Azure workloads.

One major advantage of IAC is the ability to deploy infrastructure for new workloads within minutes and thereby replace lengthy manual processes. I have extensive experience in delivering landing zones in both Terraform and Bicep utilizing Azure DevOps and GitHub. I can provide valuable guidance on selecting the right approach for your organization and offer a solid starting point for IAC implementation.

Why use Infrastructure as Code?

  • Faster deployments. While IAC requires an initial investment of time, it ultimately saves time in the long run by enabling automated and repeatable deployments.
  • Ensuring consistency. By committing your infrastructure to IAC, you can ensure that resources consistently adhere to your defined standards across different employees or teams.
  • Least privileges. Reduce security risks by assigning fewer permissions per employee. Using a Service Principal to handle deployments limits the exposure and potential damages caused by compromised user accounts.
  • Version Control. Gain full visibility and traceability of all deployments. Version control allows you to track changes made to your environment, thereby providing a clear understanding of why, how, and when modifications occurred.
  • Security. Implement security controls directly in your code, thereby ensuring that all deployed resources conform to your expected security standards and configurations.


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